Key People

Beca AMEC embraces the values of integrity, teamwork, respect and professional excellence. We have pride in our people and passion for the work we undertake.

At Beca AMEC, we recognise that the quality of our work and the health of our organisation are dependent on the investment we make in our people and the value we place on managing relationships with them. The collective knowledge and experience of our people form the basis of our business and the pillars of our self-belief.

We are committed to an environment in which professional development and knowledge-sharing are encouraged so that we each have the opportunity to realise our potential and make a valuable contribution.

Our philosophy of employee interchanges with our parent organisations serves to strengthen the global partnership and promote a wider international perspective. At the core, we have created a fun and fulfilling work experience. Many of our people have been with us for over 25 years. 

Whatever the project scale, Beca AMEC is able to offer a comprehensive and professional service.