Matthew Kebbell

"Australia represents a land of endless opportunities, allowing Beca and its individuals to expand their horizons through contributing on many world-class projects."

With a technical background in pulp and paper, Matt has been a key leader of the forest industries segment for Beca and Beca AMEC since 1993. His current role involves job directorship on pulp and paper projects, as well as maintaining and growing Beca's market share within the industrial market. His primary focus is forest, mining and metals and more recently, oil and gas markets.

Matt has thoroughly enjoyed his transitions from New Zealand to the UK, where he spent three years with AMEC, and then back to the southern hemisphere to his current base in Melbourne. He particularly likes the ease of being able to move around Australia from a work perspective. "The opportunities are considerably larger in Australia – instead of million dollar projects there are often billion dollar projects," he says.

"Our exposure to the Australian marketplace is clearly demonstrating that the values and culture that Beca AMEC brings to this country allow us to punch well above our weight." This commitment and growth has been noticed not only by many Beca clients but also by other organisations.

During his 17 years with Beca AMEC, Matt has witnessed many organisational assets that help the company stand out among competitors. First and foremost, he believes the people contribute immensely to the strong cultural values Beca upholds. "Our desire to achieve and perform as an organisation and as individuals is one of our key differentiators," he says.

Whatever the project scale, Beca AMEC is able to offer a comprehensive and professional service.

Matthew Kebbell - Business Director Industrial.
Matthew Kebbell
General Manager - Energy and Resources
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