Water Management

We strive to find sensible and optimal solutions that satisfy both the needs of present and future water resource users.

Beca AMEC provides advice to clients on appropriate methods of water resource management. This covers the key water compartments of stormwater and surface water bodies, groundwater resources and coastal waters. Our advice assists clients with resource allocation, how these resources interact with land developments, resource management and protection, and associated consenting issues.

The Beca AMEC team offers these specific services in the water management area:

  • strategic policy advice to national and local legislators 
  • ambient water and sediment quality, coastal, stormwater and wastewater monitoring including in situ testing 
  • stormwater audits and assessment of consent compliance 
  • industrial site audits and stormwater management 
  • assessment of land development: stormwater quality/quantity interactions 
  • assessment of environmental effects associated with wastewater discharges 
  • water resource assessment and allocation advice 
  • consent preparation 
  • definition of water management requirements and treatment device design 
  • erosion and sediment control and construction management 
  • coastal environmental management 
  • expert witness and representation services.

We have pride in our people and passion for the work we undertake.

Key Contacts
  • John Wall - Technical Director.John Wall

    Project Delivery Manager - Victoria

    +61 3 9272 1480