Contract Management

Beca AMEC has the technical and commercial experience to manage the full breadth of contract management processes.

Beca AMEC is experienced in managing contracting processes and providing a range of tailored services for each client.

Contracting Strategies

During the initial stages of a project, we work closely with the client project team to assess a range of potential contracting strategies in line with the project objectives. These may focus on schedule, pricing, supplier selection or commercial arrangements. The benefit of developing strategies early in the project means that any subsequent risk can be minimised.

Document Preparation

Beca AMEC prepares the necessary documents for each contract package, taking into account the various technical and commercial details for each project.
Tender and contract documentation that clearly and accurately defines the scope of work associated with each package can minimise the time required to price, evaluate and award each activity. Well-constructed contract documents will provide the necessary information to suppliers/contractors to allow accurate pricing and evaluation of contracts.

Contract Management

The ongoing, proactive management and review of a contract is essential to
optimising delivery of a project. Beca AMEC has the technical and commercial knowledge and experience to handle the day-to-day contract management, both in a project management role and as the nominated Engineer to the Construction Contract. We adopt robust standard procedures to be certain that the contract management processes are auditable and in accordance with the contract requirements. We also pay particular attention to the prompt, correct and appropriate closeout of each contract.

Web-based Management

As a further resource, Beca AMEC utilises a multi-user, web-based contract
management system that is accessible through a browser interface. The software provides a single source for issuing key contract administration and financial documentation to create a comprehensive collaborative platform.


Beca AMEC devises schedules to capture and plan a project’s essential tasks in a clear and concise way. Those schedules are then monitored and updated to track the achievement of key milestones.

We have pride in our people and passion for the work we undertake.

Contract Management.
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