Beca AMEC has experience in managing the procurement of materials, labour, services and equipment to help reduce risk and maximise value in projects.

Beca AMEC offers a range of procurement management services which can be tailored to meet the needs of each client and applied in succession throughout the project.

Procurement Strategy

Establishing a procurement strategy during the initial stages of a project, helps to minimise risk later on. Beca AMEC specialists work with the client project team to assess a range of potential contracting strategies, taking into consideration the objectives of a particular project.

Procurement Schedule

The procurement schedule summarises the key steps associated with each procurement package, including preparation, tender issue, tender receipt, and evaluation Beca AMEC specialists work with the client to develop a realistic procurement schedule that reflects the adopted procurement strategy, without impacting on the delivery of the project.

Document Preparation

Well-prepared, comprehensive documentation that clearly and accurately defines the scope of work associated with each package, helps to reduce the time required to price, evaluate and award each activity. Beca AMEC can prepare the necessary procurement documents for each procurement package. These begin as a pro forma until the various technical and commercial details are confirmed and then each document becomes more detailed.

Procurement Management

On-going management and review of the procurement process is essential so that the process remains completely robust, consistent with the agreed procurement schedule and strategy, and is in accordance with sound commercial and business practices. Beca AMEC can assist with the day-to-day management of the procurement process including issue of tender/enquiry documentation, receipt and review of proposals, and the award and preparation of final orders/contracts.


Beca AMEC is able to assist in the follow-up and expediting of contracts and orders so that materials and services are delivered in accordance with the agreed schedule. The ongoing monitoring and review of contract and order progress allows potential problems to be identified and resolved.

We have pride in our people and passion for the work we undertake.

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