Project Management

A rigorous process and open communication is encouraged by Beca AMEC’s experienced team of project managers.

Project Management is the glue that binds other engineering disciplines into a comprehensive, cohesive service. Beca AMEC has a very experienced team of project managers, dedicated to delivering a complete engineering solution.

Beca AMEC’s service is grounded in our knowledge and understanding of project management fundamentals and methodologies, which we tailor to the size and complexity of each project.

We employ front-end loading practices, which emphasise the five phases of a project:

  • pre-feasibility 
  • feasibility 
  • basic engineering
  • detailed engineering
  • operationals and maintenance.

For each project, Beca AMEC prepares a project definition, which outlines the overall scope of work and services. This includes the process, major equipment elements, design criteria and physical aspects of the project. Other processes that may be required are also identified at this stage, e.g. geotechnical surveys and resource consents.

Understanding and managing project risks is paramount and the identification of these risks allows the scope to be detailed and tailored. The risk is managed by the appropriate party without losing sight of the overall project risks.

The team also creates a schedule so the entire operation can run according to a pre-approved timeline.

A procurement plan defines how items will be procured, whether this be fixed price, cost plus, target estimate, inclusive or exclusive of freight, taxes or other charges.

A scope of services provides an overview of the services that Beca AMEC will provide. These typically include engineering, controls and automation, project services, contracts administration, construction management, commissioning and handover.

Strong teams are the foundation of every successful project. Beca AMEC has the ability to build, work within, and lead teams of clients, consultants and contractors through projects.

We have pride in our people and passion for the work we undertake.

Project Management.
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