Strategic Planning and Market Assessments

Beca AMEC offers a single source of strategic planning expertise across a variety of industries.

Development of a company‟s strategic initiatives is often assisted by the development of a comprehensive site or company master plan. This study could make the difference between success and failure on a long-term basis, and should be a fundamental precursor to any major development on a „greenfield‟ or existing site.

Beca AMEC is well versed in undertaking master planning studies for client re-development purposes. Each in-depth study is performed by Beca AMEC engineers with specialist experience, and offers:

  • detailed understanding of the business requirements 
  • assessment of buildings, asset condition and life expectancy, and valuations 
  • review of warehousing, logistics and storage requirements 
  • assessment of operational requirements and utility consumptions 
  • review of site selection and site development options 
  • development of planning and consenting options 
  • cost estimates and programme development for master plan implementation 
  • risk assessment and impact analysis of master plan implementation on current operations 
  • review of future expansion alternatives 
  • presentation of development options incorporating expansion alternatives and estimated costs with engineering and statutory parameters 
  • procurement planning taking into account commercial and programme implications.

A master plan study would incorporate the engineering parameters of building and asset condition and expansion requirements with a company‟s business development objectives and the subsequent demands on buildings and services. The study would also provide alternative development options for a range of solutions offered depending on preferred architectural treatments, asset and resource usage and recommended approaches to statutory planning.

The resulting Master Plan report could provide a foundation for a company‟s long-term strategic planning objectives and in the short term could be used as the first stage for a specific project Capital Expenditure Application.

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Strategic Planning and Market Assessments.
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