Control Systems Checkout

Utilising models to check that all systems are functioning effectively and commissioning is a smooth process.

Testing and tuning control system configurations before installation can minimise start-up issues, accelerate plant commissioning and maximise plant availability.

Despite the increasing sophistication and in-built diagnostic capabilities of modern process control technology, it is inevitable that a new system will contain some ‘bugs’ when first installed.

A rigorous checkout of distributed control systems (DCS) or programmable logic controller (PLC) configurations, prior to field installation, can help to eliminate these. The control system can be tested to remove problems early, rather than in the actual plant start-up phase where it is more costly.

To assist with this process, Beca AMEC has developed a range of models that mirror the field process and equipment, and which can be interfaced to the vendor control system.

Benefits from these models are thorough testing and tuning of configurations, interlocks, screen graphics and the information display prior to implementation.

To the plant owner or operator, a good checkout process means a potentially faster start-up and commissioning. And not only will it help to identify optimum equipment, but it will also improve the knowledge and competency of operators.

Beca AMEC works alongside the client to check that all systems are functioning effectively and that commissioning is a smooth process.

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Control Systems Checkout.
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