Beca AMEC provides consulting and engineering services to the biofuel, biotechnology and process industries to assist in developing, optimising and scaling-up production plants.

Beca AMEC is well positioned to assist clients in the bioprocessing market, with a wealth of experience available locally and internationally from AMEC in the following areas: 

  • global cellulosic conversion 
  • biomass handling, preparation and storage 
  • engagement with multiple feedstock technologies in ethanol & biodiesel 
  • biochemical synthesis
  • pharmaceutical, BioPharma, and BioTech
  • electricity generation from biomass (green power) 
  • oil seed handling and crush experience 
  • oil and gas experience in distillation and catalytic conversions 
  • environmental capability 
  • business case development.

We are currently working with companies engaged in the deployment of the leading cellulosic conversion processes: biological, thermochemical and hybrid. In addition, Beca AMEC’s parent AMEC has provided professional services to many biofuel and biochemical providers in North America.

Also in the biofuels area, our people are engaged with companies developing advanced biofuels and biochemicals from new conversion technologies, including hybrids, algae, and catalytic conversion to chemicals and other gasoline equivalents.

Supporting clients in an expanding range of geographic locations.
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