Medium Density Fibre Plant

In 1996, Rayonier commissioned Beca AMEC to provide the infrastructure engineering and management services for a 150,000m3 per year 'greenfield' Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) plant.

The project involved design for on-site treatment of effluent from the MDF plant, involving Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF), aerated lagoons, belt press dewatering and a stormwater first flush basin.

The work was undertaken using a multi-contract approach, with individual elements of the plant separately tendered. Working in a team environment with Rayonier's own management and engineering staff, Beca AMEC's scope included:

  • leadership of the infrastructure component of the project, including contract administration and construction monitoring
  • design standards and procedures, clearly defined in a manual prior to commencement
  • cost estimating
  • design of associated buildings, foundations and services, and coordinating the physical interfaces between equipment, structure and services.

The $180 million plant was commissioned in May 1997, one month ahead of schedule and only14 months from commencement of site work. The project was also completed under budget and immediately achieved high levels of construction and plant performance. During the first year of operation, stringent resource consent conditions were fully met.

Beca AMEC's successful delivery of the project was recognised with a Silver Award in the 1998 ACENZ Awards.

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    Location: Mataura, New Zealand
    Client: Rayonier
    Date: 1996-1997