NSB Effluent Treatment Plant Upgrade

"This has been the best project at Boyer Mill in the last 35 years." John Laugher, Performance Manager, Boyer Mill

As part of a strategy to improve the operation of its mills to Best Available Technology (BAT) standard, Norske Skog needed to upgrade the effluent treatment plant (ETP) from primary clarification to biological secondary treatment at its Boyer mill. At the same time as incorporating accepted modern technology, the site’s discharge performance would be improved.

Beca AMEC was engaged to select the treatment technology and to develop the design and cost estimate of the secondary effluent treatment plant. We provided design management, process, mechanical/ piping, civil and structural engineering. The design team worked alongside the Boyer team, which managed the overall project and undertook design of the E&I works.

Beca AMEC designers and Boyer staff took a collaborative approach, with the aim of a cost-effective upgrade of the facility by re-using existing facilities where possible. For example, the upgraded plant utilises the mill chemical system, water system and other services.

Piping design was optimised by the use of the PDMS 3D design package, which helped to minimise overall cost and accelerate delivery by reducing the amount of rework required.

An additional challenge for the project was to develop an operable and constructable plant on the limited area of land available on the brownfield site. The new plant and processes were also to be integrated into the existing plant 'on the run', without interrupting paper production at the mill.

The upgrade was completed ahead of schedule and under budget, at the same time fulfilling Norske Skog's discharge performance goals.

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Location: Tasmania, Australia
Client: Norske Skog Paper Mills
Date: 2006-2008