Plywood Mill

Engineering design and construction monitoring services for a ‘greenfields’ LVL and LL development were requested by client Juken Nissho.

Work on this Gisborne plant was carried out using a combination of design/build and conventional tendering. Separate contracts for siteworks and services were managed concurrently.

For the duration of the project, the Beca AMEC team established an on-site office and worked closely with the client and contractor.

Beca AMEC provided the full range of engineering services, including design co-ordination with the equipment suppliers, full-time supervision, and engineering services supplied to the contractor.

A number of innovative design features were introduced to achieve the lowest cost solution. These included: 

  • asphaltic concrete floors within process buildings 
  • optimisation of payment design life for future site development 
  • major site drainage using swales rather than pipes 
  • roof stormwater drainage system pressurised to minimize pipe size 
  • specific fire engineering, in preference to sprinklers 
  • wastewater treatment via a wetland, rather than a sophisticated treatment plant 
  • use of earth embankment ponds, rather than tanks 
  • early construction of warehouse space to avoid temporary facilities.
  • The $50 million plant was successfully completed in eight months.

LVL manufactured at this plant was later used in the extension of Juken Nissho’s Masterton processing building. This 42 metre span building was designed with all structural members utilising the LVL.

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    Location: Gisborne, New Zealand
    Client: Juken Nissho
    Date: ????